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Kristen Stewart reveals her heartbreak whilst filming final scenes of the Twilight movie while Blake Lively shares how she went from Gossip Girl to sex siren in Savages. Tragedy strikes Katie on The Bold and the Beautiful when she goes into early labour – will the baby survive? On Days Of Our Lives Sami and EJ re-united by death.

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Hot on the heels of the wildly popular Bondi Rescue, Channel 10 is set to launch the new surf series, Manly Surf on One HD on October 10!

Are you looking for an educational and exciting outdoor activity for your kids these school holidays? Then check out the school holiday care program at the Manly Surf School, starring the instructors of hot new series, Manly Surf!

Matt Grainger, head coach of Manly Surf School, has been working on school holiday programs from 1983, since he was 13 years old. 25 years later, he is still doing it and loving every minute of it.

Matt and his team of instructors run 4-day courses for kids every school holidays, even in winter. All kids are provided with the right surfboard, wetsuit and placed in the right age group to get them having the most fun and learning quicker. The kids are taught surf safety (rips, shorebreaks, wipeouts), surfing skills, (beginner to advanced), paddling, standing, turning, surf etiquette and how to identify dangers of the ocean. The staff also teach bodysurfing and surf swimming so the kids know what to do if their legrope breaks.

All staff are trained by Surfing Australia’s and Australian Sports Commissions Level 1 Accreditation Program. All staff are trained in rescue techniques, First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation.

Call 9977 6977, or visit for more information.

THE WORLD OF SOAP… with Rebecca Lake

September 24th, 2010 by Soap World | 3 Comments | Filed in Celebrity, The Bold and the Beautiful

Sayonara, Stephanie Forrester?

If any of you have been checking up on your soap gossip online over the last week, you will probably have stumbled across the rumour that the great Susan Flannery – aka, Stephanie “don’t mess with my family or I’ll run you over with a herd of stampeding elephants” Forrester is gearing up to leave The Bold and the Beautiful.

The source of this rumour was US TV Guide’s Michael Logan, who recently sat down with B&B show-runner Bradley Bell to discuss Stephanie’s upcoming controversial cancer storyline, only to score a scoop when Bell revealed that there is a “possibility” that the marauding matriarch will not survive her disease! (For the full article, click here:

Before we start sticking pins in voodoo dolls of Bradley Bell (for contemplating killing off Stephanie) and Michael Logan (for revealing that Bradley Bell is contemplating killing off Stephanie), let’s pause and think of the bigger picture here, and that is a B&B without Stephanie Forrester.

Can you even imagine it? It’s like picturing a sky without a sun, or the cast of Home and Away without their radioactive fake tans – it’s just a completely alien concept. If Stephanie leaves B&B – who will keep Eric’s eye from wandering? Who will remind Brooke of her past sexcapades? Who will give Ridge a spine?

Aside from the loss of a fantastic character and actor, the biggest problem with Susan Flannery’s possible retirement is that the show itself really isn’t ready for Stephanie to leave.

Every soap opera is built around a matriarchal character that is there to metaphorically (and occasionally physically, if everyone is being really naughty) whip their kids, grandkids, maids, dogs and dining room furniture into line. On most soaps, there are back-up matriarchs, for whenever the primary matriarch is unable to fulfil her butt-kicking duties (like Days’ Maggie, Kate and Caroline or Y&R’s Nikki and Phyllis).

B&B, however, have not been grooming any of the their other leading female characters to step into the alpha role, once Stephanie has vacated it. It’s long been established that Brooke is a flake, Taylor is weak, and Felicia is… non-existent. The only character who could potentially step into Stephanie’s enormous shoes is her namesake, Steffy, but she is too busy pointlessly chasing Hope’s boyfriends to undertake the task of being a rallying-point for her family.

While we would like to think that Bell’s pronouncement is a way of scaring up ratings as the show moves into its November sweeps period, there’s no escaping that although Stephanie (and the rest of her soapy companions) is never a day over 45 on B&B, her portrayer is now 71 years old, and has made no secret of her desire to retire.

We can only hope that either a) Susan Flannery decides to remain with B&B until she’s 125, or b) Brad Bell finds some way to clone Susan Flannery so that she stays with the show forever, as a B&B without Stephanie would be a very dark (and very quiet) place indeed.

What are your thoughts on the (possible) end of Stephanie Forrester’s reign? Send your comments to:

THE WORLD OF SOAP… with Rebecca Lake

September 13th, 2010 by Soap World | No Comments | Filed in Celebrity, Days of Our Lives

Stefano, where did you go?

A Caged Phoenix

What would soap operas be without a villain plotting evil against his fellow man while twirling his metaphorical moustache with very real glee? Well, they would look a lot less like the melodramatic fantasies that we love, and a lot more like Play School.

Although every soap has its share of wrongdoers – Y&R plays host to boardroom baddie Victor Newman, B&B boasts gun-happy Stephanie Forrester, while Neighbours has been showcasing Paul Robinson’s sordid shenanigans since 1985 – none can touch Days’ Stefano DiMera for sheer evilness.

Unlike his naughty soap counterparts, who became villains out of power mania, greed or a lifelong appreciation for the the work of The Wizard of Oz‘s Wicked Witch of the West, Stefano was literally born to be wild. As the seventh son of a seventh son, the DiMera patriarch is fabled to be the very embodiment of evil, which has served as ripe fodder for storylines over the past three decades.

That’s why it is so tragic that this once great baddie has been robbed of his fire, and is now reduced to growling disconsolately while his son, EJ takes over Stefano’s position as the head of the family’s empire.

If Stefano’s shacking up with Kate in cosy marital bliss weren’t enough of a sign of his waning devilry, he actually (gasp) cries in an upcoming episode of the show. Yes, you read that right – the man who planted a mind-altering dental plate in Vivian Alamain can be spotted sobbing on the streets of Salem.

If Stefano can be de-clawed, what’s next? A sane Nicole? An ugly Rafe? An animated Chloe???

We can only hope that this Phoenix will once again rise up and embrace his inner cad, as Salem just isn’t Salem without Stefano at his maddest and baddest.

What are your thoughts on the new Stefano? Are you digging his softer side? Or would you like to see him return to his glory days of brainwashing and body snatching? Send your comments to:

THE WORLD OF SOAP… with Rebecca Lake

September 7th, 2010 by Soap World | 1 Comment | Filed in The Bold and the Beautiful

Who's missing from this picture?

Welcome to Soap World’s THE WORLD OF SOAP blog where no botox injection goes unnoticed and no case of Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome goes unpunished!

The goal of this blog is to look at the crazy, fun stories from daytime TV that we all know and love, and ask the REALLY important questions about them, like – why does B&B’s Brooke seem incapable of keeping her hands off her daughters’ boyfriends, or will Days of Our Lives’ Chloe Lane ever have more than one facial expression?!

    In this instalment, we look at… The Missing Children of B&B

    There must be some kind of Pied Piper on the loose in Soap Land, scooping up the under-ten set and spiriting them away to a mysterious day care centre from which they never seem to return – that is, until the storyline dictates that one of the adult characters needs to show a little parental care, and the littlies are wheeled out for twenty minutes to play quietly while the grownups get on with their real lives in the foreground.

    The Bold and the Beautiful is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to disappearing daytime darlings (or DDD’s, as we shall call them.) When was the last time anyone saw RJ Forrester? Or Thorne’s daughter Alexandria? Or baby Jack Marone? This last is the most disturbing of all the DDD’s – with Jack’s sailor papa, Nick Marone, currently boozing it on the Shady Marlin with the shady Aggie, poor little Jack could be stuck under a lobster trap somewhere on board and no-one would ever know!

    We know that the kids of Los Angeles can’t always be active participants in the drama and deception swirling around them – and nor would we want them to be, as that would land in Taylor’s psych practice before the age of ten – but it would be nice if we could see them more than twice a year, AND if we could get some sense of who they are before they inevitably succumb to the virulent rapid aging syndrome that has claimed so many of daytime’s kids.

    What do you think? Do you want to see more of B&B’s DDD’s? Send your comments to: