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Kristen Stewart reveals her heartbreak whilst filming final scenes of the Twilight movie while Blake Lively shares how she went from Gossip Girl to sex siren in Savages. Tragedy strikes Katie on The Bold and the Beautiful when she goes into early labour – will the baby survive? On Days Of Our Lives Sami and EJ re-united by death.

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Soap On Sesame Street!

October 29th, 2010 by Soap World | No Comments | Filed in Uncategorized

For all of you soap fans that like your shows served with a side of funny, check out this giggle-worthy vintage Sesame Street video – Sounds of Our Lives!

THE WORLD OF SOAP… with Rebecca Lake

October 29th, 2010 by Soap World | 3 Comments | Filed in The Bold and the Beautiful

Me And My Pal Bridget

I grew up with B&B‘s Bridget Forrester. Not literally, of course – while she was living in her Beverly Hills mansion surrounded by the bold and the batty, I was falling off my bike and listening to The Spice Girls in Sydney. Plus – she’s fictional, where as by most accounts, I am real. Honest!

When Bridget was born, though, I was six years old, and like Brooke Logan, I had spent many months eagerly anticipating her arrival. From the moment that Ridge placed Bridget in Brooke’s arms after delivering her at the Big Bear cabin, I felt a kinship with this girl from a far-off land.

Thanks to the miracle of rapid aging, Bridget and I were soon the same age, and I marvelled at how exciting her life was compared to mine (because, to a soap-crazed six-year old, nothing says “excitement” like a paternity scandal and a kidnapping scare).

Although I continued to age at a normal rate, while Bridget suddenly turned eighteen mere weeks after her eleventh birthday, I was still fascinated by her frequently harrowing escapades. Over the space of a few years, Bridget grew up, attended medical school, found a husband, lost that husband to her mother, found another husband, lost that husband to her mother, became pregnant, gave birth to a stillborn child, entered the world of fashion design, and gave birth to her father-in-law’s baby, which pretty much takes us up to the present day.

Having invested so many hours in Bridget Forrester, it makes me sad to see that Ashley Jones (who has been my favourite of the nine Bridgets to grace the screen since 1992) has been taken off contract and dropped down to recurring status – the same fate that befell Winsor Harmon (Thorne) earlier this year.

While I understand that B&B wants to highlight previously underused players, or bring in new characters (as Ashley became a recurring player, newbie Kristolyn Lloyd (Dayzee) was signed to a permanent contract) I can’t help but feel a pang of sadness for more old TV gal pal, who I still feel has plenty of tragedy – and hopefully a little joy – left to give her fans.

Do you have a favourite character that has been put on the backburner? Post your comments below, or send a message to

Rock The Vote With B&B!

October 29th, 2010 by Soap World | 2 Comments | Filed in The Bold and the Beautiful

Everyone has a favourite soap memory – whether it was seeing Marlena getting really up close and personal with Satan on Days, or watching Victor and Nikki Newman tie the knot for the third (or was that the fourth?) time on Y&R.

B&B is now giving fans the chance to vote for their favourite moments from the last 24 years. Log onto:

to have your say about the most memorable catfights, romances and mysteries from the veteran sudser. Don’t forget to check back in February to find out what fans chose as their all-time favourite B&B moment!

Brothers & Sisters: Season Four clips!

October 20th, 2010 by Soap World | No Comments | Filed in Celebrity, Interview, Video

Brothers & Sisters: The Complete Fourth Season is now out on Disney DVD! To celebrate, SOAP WORLD is giving you a sneak peek at some clips from this hot new release.

Check them out below:

Pick up your copy of Soap World Issue #210 to read our EXCLUSIVE interview with Brothers & Sisters’ Sally Field and get the inside scoop on her firecracker alter ego, Nora Walker!

THE WORLD OF SOAP… with Rebecca Lake

October 8th, 2010 by Soap World | 1 Comment | Filed in Days of Our Lives, Video

She’s Baaaaacck!

When Ken Corday announced that Days of Our Lives’ most deranged diva, Vivian Alamain, was making a return to Salem, a collective whoop of joyful anticipation rang out through the Soap World offices.

For long-time Salem-worshippers, Vivian represents some of the maddest, most over-the-top storylines to ever come out of that bizarre soap hamlet. Whether she was pinching Kate Roberts’s eggs and having them secretly surgically implanted into herself, or whether she was jumping out of an aeroplane after being fitted with a mind-altering dental filling, Vivian was always good for a laugh and a “what will she get up to next?”

With Vivian and her arch nemesis Carly set to make a splash on Australian screens over the next few months, we have dug up (get it?!) a clip of Vivian’s most infamous storyline, which involved La Alamain, a coffin, and a whole lot of graveyard shenanigans.

Check out the madness at: