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Kristen Stewart reveals her heartbreak whilst filming final scenes of the Twilight movie while Blake Lively shares how she went from Gossip Girl to sex siren in Savages. Tragedy strikes Katie on The Bold and the Beautiful when she goes into early labour – will the baby survive? On Days Of Our Lives Sami and EJ re-united by death.

THE WORLD OF SOAP… with Rebecca Lake

October 8th, 2010 by Soap World | Filed under Days of Our Lives, Video.

She’s Baaaaacck!

When Ken Corday announced that Days of Our Lives’ most deranged diva, Vivian Alamain, was making a return to Salem, a collective whoop of joyful anticipation rang out through the Soap World offices.

For long-time Salem-worshippers, Vivian represents some of the maddest, most over-the-top storylines to ever come out of that bizarre soap hamlet. Whether she was pinching Kate Roberts’s eggs and having them secretly surgically implanted into herself, or whether she was jumping out of an aeroplane after being fitted with a mind-altering dental filling, Vivian was always good for a laugh and a “what will she get up to next?”

With Vivian and her arch nemesis Carly set to make a splash on Australian screens over the next few months, we have dug up (get it?!) a clip of Vivian’s most infamous storyline, which involved La Alamain, a coffin, and a whole lot of graveyard shenanigans.

Check out the madness at:

One Response to “THE WORLD OF SOAP… with Rebecca Lake”

  1. Emma says:

    Carly Manning deserves what is coming at her, and for her! I never like Carly for the way she can come in and wreck other people’s lives and marriages on Days. I always watch Days of Our Lives every week day when it’s on and really enjoy it1

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