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Kristen Stewart reveals her heartbreak whilst filming final scenes of the Twilight movie while Blake Lively shares how she went from Gossip Girl to sex siren in Savages. Tragedy strikes Katie on The Bold and the Beautiful when she goes into early labour – will the baby survive? On Days Of Our Lives Sami and EJ re-united by death.

Crossword error!

January 17th, 2011 by Soap World | Filed under Uncategorized.

Just letting you all know there are some errors on the crossword in the latest issue.

11 Down, 19 Down and 28 Across won’t fit the correct answers, so just leave them blank and fill out the rest and they will be counted! Sorry! Hope you all enjoy the issue!

One Response to “Crossword error!”

  1. suzanne ainger says:

    I thought I was losing it – couldn’t fit in the three of the answers no matter how much I tried – thank you for your explanation – now I can get on with completing this much loved competition and try to win some more prizes. I have only been buying Soap World for a couple of years and it has become one of my favourite mags for all the info and the chance to win great prizes while completing the crossword, word search and spot the difference. I am new to doing “25 words or less” as it always scared me – now I give it a go and have won a couple of nice prizes which has given me more encouragement to enter more “25 words or less competitions” Thank you, Suzanne Ainger, Emerald Beach NSW

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