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Who killed Diane?

March 15th, 2012 by Soap World | Filed under The Young and the Restless.


WHODUNIT: Diane certainly had more than her fair share of enemies, but who killed her? (Source: Heaven Hollywood)

When Diane finally takes revenge on her enemies in The Young and the Restless, including having Victor arrested for domestic abuse, things don’t turn out well for her. Karma strikes, and she is found murdered and floating face-down in the park pond.

As the police investigation begins, Adam, Ashley, Abby, Nick, Victor, Nikki, Phyllis, Tucker and Jack all behave in an uncanny manner and frantically scramble to hide evidence that may link them to the crime. But with so many suspects, who killed her?

Adam definitely has a motive seek revenge after Diane double-crossed him, and dobbed him in to the Securities and Exchange Commission. But Ashley appears to be equally suspicious and her motive is straightforward: she discovers that her husband, Tucker, cheated on her with Diane. But on top of that,  Diane also leaked a tape to the press of Ashley’s daughter, Abby, confessing to Tucker’s attempted murder. All three suspects hold reasons for an act of revenge- who knows what they’re capable of.

Next on the list of suspects is Nick, who had previously been romantically involved with Diane. Infuriated with Diane’s treatment of his family and her threatening behaviours, he has a massive confrontation with her. His phone falls to the ground and the impact of the fall dials Ashley’s number and leaves a voicemail message of Nick threatening to kill Diane. Did Nick really follow through with his verbal threats?

With Diane trying to destroy Victor’s entire family, he definitely has plenty of reasons to want her dead. He was also stopped trying to fly out of Genoa City the night of her murder – was he trying to flee the scene? Nikki also comes under suspicion and has plenty of motive to seek revenge after Diane leaked photos to the tabloid press of Victor and Nikki in a moment of passion. Could this have been enough to push Nikki over the edge?

Phyllis, Tucker and Jack are also plausible suspects. Phyllis has never been a fan of Diane, so when an acrylic nail is found at the crime scene and Phyllis books in for a manicure the next day, evidence speaks loud and clear. Tucker claims to have been at home at the time of Diane’s murder, but we know this isn’t the case. And when Jack discovered Diane had sent their son Kyle to Switzerland without telling him, he was fuming. But could Jack really kill the mother of his child?

With so many suspects, who do you think killed Diane?



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