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Kristen Stewart reveals her heartbreak whilst filming final scenes of the Twilight movie while Blake Lively shares how she went from Gossip Girl to sex siren in Savages. Tragedy strikes Katie on The Bold and the Beautiful when she goes into early labour – will the baby survive? On Days Of Our Lives Sami and EJ re-united by death.

Doppelganger danger!

April 26th, 2012 by Soap World | Filed under Days of Our Lives.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Who is the real Rafe? Even Sami doesn't know.

A vicious brawl ensues when Rafe sets eyes on his evil imposter for the first time on Days of our Lives.

The deceitful scheme perpetrated by the DiMeras, to have Rafe’s doppelganger destroy his marriage with Sami, had been going to plan up until the recent murder of Fay – but things have changed.

Ever since Faux Rafe killed a woman to prevent her from exposing the scam, Stefano and EJ have grown cold on the plan and are now ordering the imposter to leave Salem. As Faux Rafe’s guilt at killing Fay overwhelms him, he leaves town immediately, and despite minor set backs with car troubles, he meets a beautiful woman and they’re soon having sex in his apartment.

Meanwhile, back at the psychiatric ward, the real Rafe has disguised himself as a staff member and manages to escape hospital. However, the break-out is short-lived when he accidentally falls off a cliff!

But the drama doesn’t end here. Although the real Rafe is presumed dead, his imposter faces more obstacles. He bumps into runaways Ciara and Theo and tries sweet-talking the kids into lying about seeing him. He then finds himself coerced into some publicity for their rescue, followed by dramas with Sami who overhears him discussing his one- night stand with Dario.

While the real Rafe is being nursed back to health in the local convent, Faux Rafe manages to complete his assigned task of sabotaging Rafe’s marriage with Sami when he considers stabbing her during a heated argument.

But his victory is short-lived when he realises Sami has taken his credit card bearing his real name, Javier Morales and has gone to the safe house to reminisce about Rafe, so Faux Rafe heads there intent on finishing her off. Meanwhile the real Rafe is also en route to the house.

When Faux Rafe arrives, he is horrified to find Sami with the real Rafe. With both Rafes starting at each other, Sami is confused and in utter shock, even more so when Faux Rafe holds them both at gunpoint. As Faux Rafe shouts that Rafe is the lookalike who wants her dead, Rafe attacks him. The violent brawl results in Sami being knocked out unconscious and one man bleeding on the floor – but who is it?


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